What are the things to prepare when taking your toddler out?

By: - 18th December 2018

Every mother and father loves to take their little darlings and go places. Especially dads love to show them different things and to introduce them to the nature at a very young age. These experiences are truly precious. However, taking our little ones out requires a lot of preplanning, as they have many needs and wants. Even if you prepare well in advance there’s a chance of forgetting something very necessary. But you cannot simply miss out on this chance for a joyful time with your family. This why we decided to talk about how to prepare when going out with your little ones.

The items you need to take with you depend on whether you are going on a long journey or a short one. However, it is easier for the mothers to always have a bag ready, commonly prepared for any journey. Then, even at a medical emergency you can rush to the doctor without a delay. Let’s call this bag ‘ready-to-go bag’. So what do we need to keep in this ready-to-go bag?

  • Diapers for the baby.
  • Extra clothes/napkins and also a small towel and about 2 sheets to cover.
  • A packet of wet wipes.
  • A small comb.
  • A first-aid kit. (A thermometer/a disinfectant to clean wounds/creams to apply on wounds/cotton/small scissors/a roll of plaster)

These are the basics that should be in the bag. You can increase the quantities of the items you take depending on the duration of your journey. So mothers… shall we prepare a ‘ready-to-go bag’ today itself?

When going out with children, we also need to consider their nutrition. Little ones are always hungry. Take food that can be prepared easily such as Thriposha or Suposha in small containers. Cut and take some fruits that the little one likes to eat. Also prepare some cheese and biscuits.

If you can take food that is prepared at home itself, you have nothing to worry about the hygiene. It is important to give food that has been prepared at home in order to protect the little tummies from germs and to keep them healthy. Coconut rottie, buns, sandwiches, pasta, noodles, aggala are some of the foods you can prepare at home ensuring cleanliness. It is also useful to take a small hot water flask. If your child drinks powdered milk, put powdered milk and sugar in small bottles and keep in the bag. In addition to the food items, take a knife to cut fruit, few spoons, and plates and cups.

Let’s not forget about the water which is also absolutely necessary to be kept in the bag. Boil water, let it cool, and pour in bottles for your little ones to drink. Also don’t forget to take an extra big bottle of water for your convenience, for when the child vomits, wet herself, or to wash hands before eating.

Whether you are travelling in public transport or in your own vehicle will decide the quantities that you need to take. However, since the bag already contains the essentials, all you need to do is change the quantities according to your requirement.

If you are going in your own vehicle, take some pillows for the road. Little darlings usually fall asleep after a while when in the vehicle. It’ll help your journey if you can make sure the pillows are kept in a way that is comfortable for the child to sleep. When going on long trips, take some age appropriate toys, picture books, story books, colour pencils, pastels, and papers to get them engaged and to calm them down if they get restless by staying in the same place for too long.

If you are going away for few days, don’t forget to take your toddler’s medical reports. Take some extra bags to put dirty clothes and garbage. If the little one is potty trained, don’t forget to take the potty as well. The reason is that if the child is used to the potty, he won’t be able to pee or poop properly without it, causing major physical discomfort. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to take it and go. Also, add a small mosquito net and a bed sheet.

By preparing well in advance, you can make the journey comfortable for your little angels. So, prepare your own read-to-go bag today!

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