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Do you have any concerns regarding your breasts that you think might affect your breastfeeding ability?

10th September 2019

Breastmilk probably is the greatest substance on earth. In the animal kingdom mammals depend entirely on milk produced from their bodies to feed their little ones. So, it is sad to see how sometimes we as humans are quick to look for alternatives due to…

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My mum has a magic potion that makes my clothes soft and fragrant

22nd August 2019

“My mum says I am like a flower, soft and sweet – she says everything I wear needs to be just like me too… she says she always wants to cuddle me." Your little child is soft and fluffy as a cloud and you work…

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How to hand express (pump) milk to feed infants who are unable to breastfeed

22nd August 2019

All babies from their first cry are dependent on breast milk from their mum, but there can be several instances where a newborn infant is unable to drink milk directly from their mum’s breast. Some reasons for this are: The nature of the breast /…

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Breastfeeding Help: How to Avoid Infections Arising from Clogged Milk in Breast

10th May 2019

Follow these instructions to avoid infections that could happen due to milk in the breasts getting clogged. The first few days for any mum after giving birth is a very challenging period. Breastfeeding becomes a tedious task for many because of a lack of proper…

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All you need to know about bathing your newborn

8th May 2019

The moment you hold your newborn and feel the touch of their soft skin against yours, your heart skips a beat. You know deep inside that life will never be the same and you will keep falling in love with this beautiful treasure who now…

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How is milk produced in the mother’s breast for her baby?

19th March 2019

Once the little darlings who were nourished and protected inside the mother’s womb come to this world, the nourishment is provided through an amazing natural phenomena; milk that is produced in the mother’s breasts. We decided it is important to explain to you about how…

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Things to know about your newborn baby’s safety

26th February 2019

A pregnant mother provides her utmost care to protect the little darling growing inside her womb throughout 40 weeks. She will be giving up certain foods and drinks, outings and parties just for the safety of her baby. Days and weeks shall pass, the angel…

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Do you know the importance of the BCG vaccine for your newborn baby?

5th February 2019

“So sad to prick the little darling to give vaccines. If there’s a medicine that can be given orally, we can somehow manage. They can’t even speak up to tell that they are in pain.” The moment of administering vaccines is quite sorrowful for every…

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Are you a mother of twins?

3rd January 2019

If you’re pregnant with twins, you are far from alone. The number of multiple births has increased these days compared to the past and we’re hearing about twin births more often. There are several ways of conceiving twin babies. Occasionally two eggs are released from…

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What are the things to consider when planning your newborn baby’s room?

17th December 2018

All mothers and fathers dedicate themselves to give a great welcome to the new member who is about to join the nest. Just as ensuring the good health and the safety of the baby since the day of conception, everything needed for the baby after…

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